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How to Care for Clip in Hair Extensions0

Clip in hair extensions are a cheaper, faster and healthier for your hair than getting the traditional glue-in extensions. They add length, volume and thickness to your hair in under minutes. Maintaining them isn’t hard at all. (This manual is more for human hair).


1) Comb your hair extensions with either a comb or a brush; make sure all knots and tangles are gone. Use a spacious wired comb.

hair clipin blog image 1

2) With warm water gently wet the extensions.

hair clipin blog image 2

3) Put shampoo on them, you don’t need to be rough with them. Combing the hair product through with your fingers should be fine. Use a shampoo with absolutely no sulfates.

hair clipin blog image 3

4) Rinse out the shampoo.

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